Trips with Prestige Line

Our company offers car rental with chauffeur for tourist trips after Pomerania. Trip luxury vehicle with a qualified and experienced driver is a comfort and a real pleasure.

Tours of PRESTIGE LINE allow you to explore the whole Tri-City, Frombork, Malbork, Hel Peninsula and other places of interest. As a result, we have the opportunity not only to see the beautiful, scenic areas, but also refer to the rich history of Pomerania.

Everyone will find something for everyone!


The Castle of the Teutonic order in Malbork is listed on The World Heritage Site UNESCO. It is a symbol of power and traditions, best known as a largest Gotic brick castle in the world. Now you can see this masterpiece of defense and residential architecture inside and outside, visit interesting exhibitions and feel the ghost of the past.


West has to offer us a lot of interesting places of cultural and sports activities. A big attraction is the golf course in Pomerania. These fields are spread in different places in Pomerania, and each of them is unique.

Postolowo Golf Club is the first of the proposed golf courses, located in Postołowo of the Kashubian Lake District. It is a 18-hole course, stretching over an area of about 100ha. Because of its unusual location is very scenic. Well prepared technically. They are located on the .: driving range, putting green, bunkers classrooms, pro shop, as well as object clubhouse with restaurant, café and bar.

Another option is Sierra Golf Club, located in Pętkowice near Wejherowo. It is also a 18-hole course, but its surface is slightly larger, because covers 123ha. It offers players here is covered and floodlit driving range for 26 positions, putting green, chipping green, simulators and video analyzers, as well as well-equipped place for drinks (including its own library and snooker table).

Still other possibilities does Tokary Golf Club, located close to the airport in Rębichowo. This golf course is distinguished by the presence of horse stables, as well as training areas for horseback riding. There will also be attractions such as: driving range, putting green, chipping green, golf academy and clubhouse.


The Tri-City consists of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. These are the cities with an interesting history and tradition, having many historical sites, attractions and things to see. If you are keen on the Polish coast worth visiting these areas.


Stutthof was the place where 110000 people were kept: men, women and children, citizens of 28 countries and over 30 nationalities during II World War. It was the place where 65.000 people died because of executions and exterminating living conditions. Now it is a museum, a memory place, where we can see and hear about this horrible part of human history, not to let it happens once more.


An interesting place in Pomerania is Frombork. The city is often called the "jewel of Warmia" or the city of Nicolaus Copernicus. The scientist in him because he spent 33 years of his life, was also buried here, it remains here to commemorate him too much emphasis. Starting from the fourteenth century Frombork is considered one of the most important cities in Warmia. It has a rich history and the related monuments.

Hel Peninsula

Hel Peninsula has its source near the Władysławowo and stretches along the towns of Chalupy, Kuznica, Jastarnia, Jurata and Hel, which is located on the promontory. It separates the Bay of Puck and the Gulf of Gdansk on the Baltic Sea. These tourist resorts, the Bay of Puck, scenic areas Coastal Landscape Park and Lighthouse Seal Sanctuary in Hel is a place that every year attracts thousands of tourists here.